The MultiDrone 🚀 project has succesfully ended yesterday with a successful review. 👏🏻

Thanks to everyone in the team for your dedicated and hard work 🛠️

Interested in our learnings? Check out the website for more details and info 📝:

Here is the third and final edition of the @MultiDrone Newsletter:

Read everything about the final tests and flights, and check out the great summary video from DW Shift.

Cameras completely out of focus, crashing #drones and - of course - a #happyend! The story of @MultiDroneEU in a special issue of #DW SHIFT! #multidrone

.@MultiDroneEU ended on 31.12.19, a review is coming up. Despite some setbacks ("Murphydrone") it turned out to be "a nice combination of robotics, AI & cinematography" & successful team effort. Here's a visually impressive feature documenting the project:

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