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MultiDrone Showcase & Demo @ Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum

MultiDrone Booth at GMF

The MultiDrone Booth at the Global Media Forum

What is it?
The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (DW GMF) is Deutsche Welle’s main media conference. It takes place every year in June and attracts over 2000 media experts, policy advisors and representatives of civil society groups from across the globe. Main venue is the old Parliamentary building in Bonn, Germany, the former Bundestag, now part of the World Conference Center, Bonn.

Why were we there?
MultiDrone was represented at the DW GMF by Deutsche Welle’s Innovation team, which is part of the consortium. The team set up a booth with general information on the project, as well as specific details on the technical aspects and the new cinematographic approach the project is offering for media production.

Drone model and crowd at booth

People gathering at the MultiDrone Booth for the flight demo

As part of the booth, DW Innovation also set up two test flights with one of its drones to demonstrate the capabilities and possibilities of drones in media production. In collaboration with the cultural department of Deutsche Welle, two live streams were set up, broadcasting both test flights to Facebook live, reaching out to more than 200.000 possible viewers via the DW Travel and DW Reise Facebook accounts.

Participants watching while the drone takes off for the test flight

Both test-flights attracted a large number of interested participants and were followed live on a big screen at the booth. The team answered many questions both regarding the project itself as well as in regards to general questions about drone usage in media. This showed that there is a large interest in drone usage, ranging from basic requirements to fly a drone up to ethical questions on the flights themselves. The most interesting aspect for all however were the flights themselves, allowing all participants new perspectives on their meeting venue and the city of Bonn.

Ready for some minutes up in the air? Check out both test flights down below – and let us know your thoughts about drones for media production in the comments below.

Test Flight no.1

Test Flight no.2


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