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Sevilla – 4th Consortium Meeting

MultiDrone Consortium in Sevilla

The 4th MultiDrone Consortium Meeting took place on February 14th and 15th in Sevilla, Spain. It was organised by the Engineering School of the University of Seville.

The main discussions were on the progress of the different work packages, the deployment and construction of the drones as well as upcoming test-flight and dissemination events.

In particular, the consortium had a closer look at the development of the different software components that are going to be needed later as well as the progress of the training data needed for the system to get started. THALES, RAI and USE gave insights and demonstrations on the progress of the different modules for drone control, the director dashboard and multi-drone simulations. Both media partners, RAI and DW, explained how far they are in collecting data from different test flights.

AIR and THALES gave a detailed update on the progress of the drone purchase plan and the upcoming assembly of the drones, once everything has arrived. All consortium members discussed upcoming events, where MultiDrone will be or could be presented, such as the Drone Summer School, that AUTH is planning in Thessaloniki.

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