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First Integration Meeting & Test Flights

From March 25th to 29th, the technical partners of MultiDrone organised the first integration meeting in Sevilla. The idea of this meeting was to get the first two drones ready to fly and run through several test missions. This way we wanted to give the hardware a test and see if all integrations were working as planned.

Getting ready for the start.

Unfortunately except for Wednesday afternoon, the whole week was too windy to properly do flight tests. Still, we managed to run some missions including up to two drones. The flights were limited to following a small RC car equipped with the target GPS. The weather conditions didn’t allow for following a real human target safely.

Safety first!

The missions accomplished where M1 (single drone and single SA) and M3 (two drones with single SA). Both missions were planned and executed following a GPS target. The following video shows one of the missions, recorded with a DJI Mavic.

Scenes from the first test flights with the MultiDrone platform

While the communication via the dedicated LTE network worked fine, we did find some minor issues with other sensors, which the team will further invesitage on to fix them.

The LTE network prooved to work fine throughout the tests.

In parallel to the flight tests, we finalised the integration between the MultiDrone Dashboard and the Mission Controller. We ended with a first complete version and tested planning a mission and to be ready to execute it commanding through the Dashboard.

Despite the limitations to actual flight tests, the meeting did uncover a few issues the team now needs to address. Futhermore the technical partners used the information obtained to further update the integration plan towards the final version of hard- and software for Multidrone.

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