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MultiDrone Final Tests

Back in September the project met up for a two weeks test period to run the full MultiDrone system in three separate use cases and a final live test on the rowing regatta “Rund Um Wannsee”. Since there was an issue with the original MultiDrone drone plattforms and the tests had to be run on backup systems, the consortium decided to set up another test run in Sevilla, using only the original MultiDrone drones. So at the end of November, the technical partners met up at University of Seville, one of the MultiDrone partners, for another test run.

The setup

The work in Sevilla consisted of three steps:

  1. Finalize the Hardware integration of the “new” drones, configure the autopilots and perform manual and autonomous flight tests.
  2. Test different parts of the system and then the full system in a multi-drone mission to debug arising issues.
  3. Run the media production experiments with three drones and several cyclists in Hacienda de Orán.

Limitations and Success

As before, the wheather didn’t allow the team to run the evaluation as planned. Due to rain and heavy winds, flights had to be postponed. While this allowed for more preparation time it also made testing of certain features more difficult. Still, the team managed to set up five drones for automated flight also overcoming initial connection and control issues.

Impressions from the test flights

Eventually, the situation changed towards the better, allowing the technical partners to run all envisioned tests and get the experiments on the road. The media production was successful, running the full system autonomously tracking the cyclists with three MultiDrone drones.

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