This table contains all publicly available MultiDrone deliverables that have already been finalised, sorted by work-package.

No. Title Description
D1.1 Project Management Handbook This deliverable describes details about the project management structures. It lists rules and tools for cooperation and communication, documentation management, repository management, tracking system for actions, quality assurance and risk management.
D2.1 MultiDrone media production requirements This deliverable reports the results of the analysis conducted by MultiDrone partners aimed to identify requirements for media production making use of multi-drone audiovisual capture systems.
– No deliverables available yet –
– No deliverables available yet –
– No deliverables available yet –
– No deliverables available yet –
D7.1 Dissemination Plan This deliverable contains the high-level dissemination & communication strategy of how the MultiDrone project aims to create an impact among its research and interest community.
D7.2 1st Dissemination & Communication Activities Report This deliverable presents the project dissemination and communication activities within the first 9 months of the project, including the project’s first newsletter. It also gives an outlook on future activities.
– No deliverables available yet –


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