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September 2019

02-06/09/2019 – Signal Processing Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Autonomous Systems, EUSIPCO 2019, A Coruna, Spain

MULTIDRONE organized in EUSIPCO 2019 a Satellite Workshop on the hot topic of “Signal Processing Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Autonomous Systems”. The half day workshop, that took place on September 6th, 2019 was also technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society and endorsed by the IEEE SPS Autonomous Systems Initiative (ASI). The workshop was organized by MULTIDRONE team members Nikos Nikolaidis and Anastasios Tefas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece and was attended by more than 30 persons.


August 2019

28-30/08/2019 – Programming short course and workshop on Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Drone Imaging, Thessaloniki, Greece

MULTIDRONE, the Artificial Intelligence and Information Analysis Lab (AUTH) and the ICARUS.auth Special Interest Group organized this 3-days event in three parts, which provided an in-depth presentation of programming tools and techniques for various computer vision and deep learning problems encountered in drone imaging. Part A focused on Deep Learning, providing a solid background on Deep Neural Networks (DNN) topics, notably convolutional NNs (CNNs) and deep learning for object detection. Part B focused on computer vision algorithms, namely on 2D target tracking, 3D target localization techniques (giving the attendants the opportunity to master state of the art video trackers), parallel GPU, multi-core CPU architectures and GPU programming (CUDA). As drones execute missions (e.g., AV shooting, inspection), Part C lectures focused on drone mission planning and control.


July 2019

03/07/2019 – 42nd International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP2019), Budapest

Prof. Ioannis Pitas delivered one of three keynotes on “Multiple drone communications and video/data streaming” at the 42nd International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP2019), Budapest. The TSP Conference serves as a premier annual international forum to promote the exchange of the latest advances in telecommunication technology and signal processing and was attended by around 150 people.

01-03/07/2019 – RPAS 2019, 21st Annual European Civil RPAS Regulation Implementation & U-Space Integration Forum, Brussels, Belgium

RPAS is an international conference focusing on current & future civil drone operations, including operator qualification, pilot training & qualification, test range safety rules, data protection & privacy. A focus of this years conference will be put on the harmonization of national approaches to matters of critical importance to the current & future RPAS operator community. MultiDrone will be participating in the RPAS Conference on July 2nd. ALERION will be giving a presentation on “Drone Regulatory Needs for Media Production”, explaining the MultiDrone project with a focus on safety, security, flight regulation & data privacy rules.


June 2019

11-13/06/2019 – EBU MDN Workshop 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

The MDN Workshop at EBU HQ in Geneva is the annual meeting point for developers working on Metadata and Artificial Intelligence in broadcasting. MultiDrone was represented by RAI members of the project, who talked about “A novel information model for multiple drone-based production”.


May 2019

30-31/05/2019 – Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Drone Imaging and Cinematography (DCDC 2019), Padukka, Sri Lanka

Prof. Ioannis Pitas delivered a short course on ‘Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Drone Imaging and Cinematography (DCDC 2019)’ at the Sri Lanka Technological Campus, Padukka, Sri Lanka to about 60+ participants.

27-28/05/2019 – Global Media Forum, Bonn, Germany

MultiDrone was presented at the DW Global Media Forum 2019 through the DW members of the project team. A booth was set up and visitors where invited to discuss the possibilites of drones for media productions. The team showcased excerpts from DW’s drone productions as well as material from the drone cinematography research done in MultiDrone.


January 2019

07/01/2019 – Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV 2019), Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, USA

Prof. Ioannis Pitas held a tutorial on Drone vision algorithms for media production at the Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV 2019), Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, USA. The tutorial provided a concise overview of vision algorithms applied on drone video feeds and aiming towards automating drone cinematography. The event was very well attended and led to several contacts with industrial players, (e.g., Amazon) and institutions.


November 2018

10-12/11/2018 – 5th edition of the UAV-Show, Bordeaux, France


MULTIDRONE participated in the 5th edition of the UAV-Show, Europe’s largest professional drone airshow and exhibition with around 2500 participants. During this show, videos illustrating the work of the project was presented by Thales in Bordeaux, France.

October 2018

07-10/10/2018 – ICIP 2018 Tutorial: Drone Vision for Cinematography and Media Production, Athens, Greece

Multidrone organizes a half-day tutorial Sunday October 7, 2018, covering a number of topics related to drone cinematography and media production and applications of computer vision therein

  1. drone localization,
  2. drone visual analysis for target/obstacle/crowd/point of interest detection,
  3. 2D/3D target tracking, d) privacy protection technologies in drones (e.g. face de-identification),
  4. current state of the art on the use of drones in cinematography, advertisement, news coverage, sports and media production in general,
  5. multiple drone mission planning and flight control,
  6. communication issues in drones (e.g. video streaming),
  7. security and ethics issues in drones.

August 2018

29-31/08/2018 – Drone School & Workshops: Deep learning and Computer vision for drone imaging and cinematography, Thessaloniki, Greece

The course provides an overview of the various computer vision and deep learning problems encountered in drone imaging and cinematography, which is one of the main application areas of drone technologies. The same machine learning and computer vision problems do occur in other drone applications as well, e.g., for land/marine surveillance, search&rescue, building and machine inspection.


June 2018

11-13/06/2018 – Global Media Forum 2018, Bonn, Germany

Banner of DW GMF 2018

MultiDrone will be present at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum with two workshops. On Wednesday, June 13th from 10.oo – 11.oo there will be a panel discussion on “Drones in journalism: Uncovering new perspectives?” with members of the MultiDrone Consortium, from Deutsche Welle and Johnny Miller, a South African drone cinematographer.

Later that day, MultiDrone will host a two hour Workshop with members of the MultiDrone consortium and interested participants of the GMF on Drone Cinematography.


December 2017

06/12/2017 – Bristol Drone Cinematography WorkshopEngineers House, Bristol, UK

Workshop to explore the future potential for drone cinematography covering rules, requirements, tools and constraints of shooting with drones, in particular using multiple drone platforms.

Workshop Programme (click to download):
10:00Welcome and opening remarks (David Bull, University of Bristol)
10:05Developing multi-drone cinematography: An overview of the EU Multidrone project (David Bull, University of Bristol)

10:20Natural Highs – the use of drones in wildlife filmmaking (Colin Jackson, BBC Natural History Unit)
10:45UAV shot type taxonomy (Ioannis Pitas, University of Thessaloniki)
11:10Coffee break
11:30Discussion: Drone cinematography – breaking the rules? (Chaired by Nicolaus Heise, Deutsche Welle)
13:30Model based drone odometry for object-centric filming (Andrew Calway, University of Bristol)
13:55Visual Innovation in the air: from Kitkat to Transformers 5 (Ben Keene, Consortiq)
14:20Simulation engines and subjective quality testing in Multidrone (F. Zhang, University of Bristol)
14:45Tea break
15:05Measuring visual immersion (Iain Gilchrist, University of Bristol)
15:30Discussion: assessing the quality of drone video content (Chaired by David Bull, University of Bristol)


October 2017

22/10/2017 – ICCV 2017, Venice, Italy

 ➤ MultiDrone offers a half-day tutorial on MultiDrone Cinematography

ICCV 2017


July 2017

02-04/07/2017 – CGDIP 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

 ➤ Keynote lecture by Prof. I. Pitas: Multiple drone vision and cinematography



June 2017

19-21/06/2017 – Global Media Forum 2017, Bonn, Germany

DW GMF 2017


March 2017

22-24/03/2017 – European Robotics Forum 2017, Edinburgh, UK


February 2017

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