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December 2017

06/12/2017 – Bristol Drone Cinematography WorkshopEngineers House, Bristol, UK

Workshop to explore the future potential for drone cinematography covering rules, requirements, tools and constraints of shooting with drones, in particular using multiple drone platforms.

Workshop Programme (click to download):
10:00Welcome and opening remarks (David Bull, University of Bristol)
10:05Developing multi-drone cinematography: An overview of the EU Multidrone project (David Bull, University of Bristol)

10:20Natural Highs – the use of drones in wildlife filmmaking (Colin Jackson, BBC Natural History Unit)
10:45UAV shot type taxonomy (Ioannis Pitas, University of Thessaloniki)
11:10Coffee break
11:30Discussion: Drone cinematography – breaking the rules? (Chaired by Nicolaus Heise, Deutsche Welle)
13:30Model based drone odometry for object-centric filming (Andrew Calway, University of Bristol)
13:55Visual Innovation in the air: from Kitkat to Transformers 5 (Ben Keene, Consortiq)
14:20Simulation engines and subjective quality testing in Multidrone (F. Zhang, University of Bristol)
14:45Tea break
15:05Measuring visual immersion (Iain Gilchrist, University of Bristol)
15:30Discussion: assessing the quality of drone video content (Chaired by David Bull, University of Bristol)

Interested in participating? Register here.

Past Dissemination Events


October 2017


22/10/2017 – ICCV 2017, Venice, Italy

 ➤ MultiDrone offers a half-day tutorial on MultiDrone Cinematography

ICCV 2017


July 2017


02-04/07/2017 – CGDIP 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

 ➤ Keynote lecture by Prof. I. Pitas: Multiple drone vision and cinematography



June 2017


19-21/06/2017 – Global Media Forum 2017, Bonn, Germany

DW GMF 2017



March 2017

22-24/03/2017 – European Robotics Forum 2017, Edinburgh, UK


February 2017

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