Related Research


The CAP2018 project‘s focus is on the development of the first reliable, safe and secure autopilot (automatic piloting system) for the civil commercial and public usage of drones, largely based on the standards and best practices of the aviation industry.

Project time frame: until 2018


The AEROWORKS project‘s focus is on the development of a novel aerial robotic team that possesses the capability to autonomously conduct infrastructure inspection and maintenance tasks, while additionally providing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to human-operators.

Project time frame: 2015 – 2017


The ARCAS project‘s focus was on the development and experimental validation of the first cooperative free-flying robot system for assembly and structure construction.

Project time frame: 2011 – 2015


The EC-Safemobil project‘s focus was on the development of sufficiently accurate common motion estimation and control methods and technologies in order to reach levels of reliability and safety to facilitate unmanned vehicle deployment in a broad range of applications.

Project time frame: 2011 – 2015


The COLLMOT project‘s focus was on the complex structure and dynamics of collective motion with the aim to construct and build a set of vehicles capable to exhibit flocking behaviour in the three-dimensional space, adopting methods ranging from approaches used in statistical physics and network theory to various new techniques in cell biology and collective robotics.

Project time frame: 2009 – 2015


The sFly project‘s focus was on developing several small and safe helicopters which could fly autonomously in city-like environments and which could be used to assist humans in tasks like rescue and monitoring.

Project time frame: 2009 – 2011

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