This is a collection of videos produced by project members. The videos cover different aspects of the project, ranging from test-flights to demo-videos and simulations. Feel free to contact us for questions.

Experimental Drone Productions

A feature about MultiDrone was broadcast as part of the DW program SHIFT on December 28th, 2019.

Teaser-Video of the MultiDrone Testweek finale: The automated flight and recording of the “Rund um Wannsee” rowing regatta 2019.

MultiDrone Integration Meeting Test Flights: This video is a short summary of the first test flights performed with the MultiDrone platform at the integration meeting in Sevilla in March 2019.

Rund Um Wannsee: Experimental Drone Production of a live rowing regatta, using three drones and two steady cameras.

Meteora: Experimental Drone Production of sports climing in Greece.


Set of simulations, produced to show how drone flights can be tested in virtual set ups to experiment in a safe environment with drone flight paths, perspectives and settings, including obstacle avoidance and flight restrictions.

Comparison of simulation vs real scene v5
Comparison of simulation vs real scene v4
Comparison of simulation vs real scene v3
Comparison of simulation vs real scene v2
Comparison of simulation vs real scene v1

Virtual Drone Simulation to evaluate the cinematopgraphy of drone flights and perspectives.

Drone Simulation for Cinematography Evaluation

Demo of a complete drone flight simulation, inlcuding static and moving objects,

Drone Simulation Demo


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